Painting Fundamentals

$35 – 300

If you’d like to develop stronger representational painting skills, this is a solid path that you can take. Contact me with any questions or to request a lesson.

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On-demand recorded lessons with exercises and email support.

When: Watch any time!

Skill level: Beginning painters.

Painting medium: Demos are in oil paint (or pencil for the drawing section). The ideas apply to any medium.

Drawing fundamentals, seeing and painting value and color. Email or zoom support available. Materials are being created now. 

You can overlap steps but try to focus more on the earlier steps until they are mastered. If any of these skills do not interest you, there are workarounds – but having the skills will make you more confident. 

1. Drawing

  • Learn to draw shapes, angles, and perspective.
  • Learn to see value relationships, and capture that in drawings.
  • Learn to make thumbnail sketches for paintings.

Learn the basics of how to use your paint before moving on.

2. Value   Value = how light or dark something is

  • Learn to see value accurately. 
  • Learn to paint value accurately.

3. Color

  • Learn to name colors accurately and usefully.
  • Learn to see color relationships.
  • Learn to mix the colors you want.
  • Learn to paint colors without getting muddy.

If you master those first 3 skills, you can paint anything! 

Next, learn:

4. Composition

  • Learn about composition.
  • Learn to use composition sketches.

5. Simplify (Learn to simplify what you’re looking at.)