Paint Texture & Mark Making

Thin paint, thick paint, soft, hard and lost edges, and more!

Oct – Dec 2023
Live zoom workshops on Friday, Oct 13 & 27, Nov 10 & 17, and Dec 8 & 15
10 am – 1 pm Chicago time
Recordings available if those times don’t work for you

Skill level: Strong beginners to advanced artists.


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Go on a mark-making adventure with us!

This fun workshop will include 2 zooms per month with lessons, time to explore and paint together, share your work (optional) and get personalized and group instruction. Between lessons you’re welcome to join other students in informal paint-together times! And if you have any questions that come up, email Jessie.


Painterly brush marks are used in traditional oil paintings, impressionist paintings, expressionist paintings, and abstract work. But because these marks look fresh and effortless, the process of making them is often misunderstood. They don’t have to be fast, and they don’t have to follow the “put it down and leave it” rule!

Over the last several years of teaching, Jessie has learned how some common artists’ misconceptions about fresh marks can frustrate and hinder artists – and how thinking about loose, painterly marks a little differently can be freeing and lead to better work.

Jessie has developed a painting process that combines playfulness and discovery with deliberate decisions and slowing down at the right times. Her work has long been described as “painterly” and “fresh”, and during this demonstration workshop she will show you exactly how she creates the beautiful brush marks she’s known for.

She’ll show you her favorite brushes, palette knife, and squeegee, and how she uses them.

She’ll show you marks and techniques that have taken her 15 years to develop:

  • A thin wash
  • Juicy thick painterly marks
  • Impasto palette knife marks
  • Squeegee marks
  • Layering
  • And more


Demo Materials

Demo will be using water mixable oil paint. For my regular work, I sometimes use water mixable oils and sometimes use traditional oils. Bring whichever type of paint you have.

Artists working in any medium are welcome. If you’ll be bringing a different type of paint like acrylic or gouache, reply and let me know so that the lessons work for you!



Demo will be in water mixable oil paint. For my regular work, I sometimes use water mixable oils and sometimes use traditional oils. Bring whichever type of paint you have.

Artists working in any medium are welcome. If you’ll be bringing a different type of paint like acrylic or gouache, feel free to email me and see if this workshop is right for you.


Paints (Mine will be water mixable oils, but traditional oils will work very similarly.)

Titanium White O
Cadmium Yellow Light (Artisan O) (OR Primary Yellow (Cobra S/T) or Cadmium Yellow Hue (Artisan T))
Cadmium Red Hue (WN – S/T)
Madder Lake (or Rose Madder Hue or any magenta you like) (Cobra T)
Ultramarine Blue (Cobra T)
Primary Cyan (Cobra O) (or Manganese Blue Hue OR cerulean blue)

Viridian Hue (OPTIONAL) (Artisan T)
Green Gold (OPTIONAL) (Cobra yellowish green S/T)
Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue (OPTIONAL)


Brushes & Tools

3/4” golden taklon brush – flat
#2, 4 & 6 silver grand prix brushes – filberts
Mini trowel painting knife / palette knife
6” (or similar size) Glass cleaning squeegee from the local big box store


Painting surface

I recommend trying a couple different surfaces.

I’ll demonstrate using gessobord panels and canvas panels. I think 8×10″ is a nice size for such a quick time. You’re welcome to use the size that works for you.

NOTE – if you’re using water mixable oil paint, do NOT use oil primed surfaces because those are for traditional oil paint only.


Additional Supplies

  • Water (OR Gamsol if using traditional oils)
  • OPTIONAL – Artisan Water Mixable Oil Fast Drying Medium (OR Archival Oils Odourless Lean painting medium if using traditional oils)
  • OPTIONAL – Artisan Water Mixable Oil Impasto Medium (OR Liquin Oleopasto if using traditional oils)

What will we paint? 

I’ll send out a source photo closer to when the workshop dates are. You will be welcome to either use the same source photo that I do, or bring different source material. It’s a flexible workshop!


Structure for the 3-hour zooms

  • 5-15 minute Q&A and time for artists to share their recent works, questions, or goals
  • 45 minute (ish) presentation on a fundamental painting topic (composition, value, color mixing or theory, etc)
  • 15 minute BREAK
  • 1-1/2 hour (ish) painting time. You’ll be welcome to either paint along with my demo, or work on your own painting project. At any time you’ll be welcome to share your work or ask questions. Demos of specific painting techniques are always readily shared.
  • At the end, there’s time for artists to share (always optional)

I really want all the students to have fun and succeed, so there’s email support and some other support systems in place.


It’s a small group, so everyone has the opportunity to share and ask questions.


Guarantee – If for any reason you don’t feel like the workshop is right for you, contact me within 7 days of the start of the workshop for a refund.
Workshop Rules – This is a great supportive group of artists. Let’s keep it that way! Be kind. Follow normal classroom etiquette, which includes: don’t give unsolicited criticism, avoid topics like politics, don’t use lude, sexist or racist language, and wear clothes. If a new student doesn’t follow this normal etiquette, they will be warned once and after a second incident, banned from the zooms or removed from the workshop, as I see appropriate. Nothing like that has happened so far, and I hope it never does!


Q: What if I have questions or want feedback on my work? Will I get individual attention?

A: Yes, you’ll get lots of individual attention. You can ask questions during the weekly zooms or email me.

Q: Can I enroll my kid in the workshop? 

A: This is designed for adult artists. Teens with adult-level maturity would be welcome. For younger kids, sorry, this isn’t the right workshop.



About the Instructor

Hi, I’m Jessie. ​​I love to help artists become more confident painters in my online workshops.​

​I am a professional artist based in South Dakota, an exhibiting member of Oil Painters of America​,​ an award-winning member of the American Impressionist Society​, a Signature Member of Artists of the Black Hills, and a Southwest Art Magazine “Artist to Watch”.​

My work focus​es​ on capturing the invisible connection between animals in a group, between animals and the land, and between people – in an unsentimental, painterly style filled with visible brush strokes and palette knife marks.​ The result is artwork which is often described as ​both ​“painterly” and “comforting.”

I am passionate about color, composition, brush and palette knife marks, and making beautiful art.





 I took a drawing class from Jessie through an art group I belong to. She was professional, friendly, and alert to questions from the group. I most appreciated the explanation of value studies as that has been something I have struggled with …

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Student Feedback via eMail

“I am amazed at how organized you are, and admire your ability to break things down into baby steps that are easy understand—you are an awesome teacher!”

– Candy


“Really enjoying your class.  Thanks for doing it!”

– Elaine

“I really love the classes. You’re a great teacher and you make it fun!”
– Hattie


“Hi Jessie,
I really enjoyed your class, and the way you present things.
Thanks for a thoughtful and engaging class, and a deep dive into color schemes!”

– Elizabeth Franklin

“I so enjoyed your class, Jessie!  Always nice to think of art in different ways or to be reminded of things we had forgotten.”

– Barbara


“I can’t tell you how excited I am to find you and finally make a decision to paint again. I have been in my oil paint four days in a row.  Saturday was so fun. I loved painting with a limited palette. That was an eye opener. […]  I do believe with some guidance I can achieve what my mind envisions. Sincerely,”

– Anne Marie

Impressionist Oil Paintings and Workshops

Purple Wild Flowers by Jessie Rasche
36 x 48 in, oil on canvas

Jury accepted into the American Impressionist Society
2022 online exhibition.



Impressionist Oil Paintings and Workshops by Jessie Rasche