Find YOUR Color Palette

March 8 & 22, and Apr 12 & 26
10am-1pm CST
Live on zoom
Recordings will be available


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This workshop is included in Find Your Artistic Voice.

Through fun exercises, you’ll discover what color schemes and palettes you love – and what you want to try more of!

Get out your palette knife or wide brush and make some color studies with us!

Each day will include demonstrations and lots of time to experiment with color studies. Sharing of work will be welcome (but optional), and I’ll answer questions or give demonstrations throughout the workshop.

You will be welcome to use your own source material or use the photos I provide.

Day 1

  • monochromatic and very muted color use
  • complementary color schemes and palettes

Day 2

  • primary color palette, and other 3-color palettes
  • analogous color schemes

Day 3

  • 6-color palette: Split-primary palette
  • split-complementary color schemes

Day 4

  • 5 color adjusted Zorn palette (mixing with black)
  • vibrant and muted color use

Artists in any painting medium welcome. Demonstrations will be in oil and (separately) in watercolor.


Supply list for oil or acrylic painters

Paint colors

  • primary yellow or similar (azo yellow light, lemon yellow, or cad yellow light)
  • cadmium yellow deep hue or similar (azo yellow medium or deep)
  • cadmium red or similar
  • primary magenta or similar (quinacridone red, rose madder hue)
  • ultramarine blue
  • primary cyan or similar (cerulean blue, manganese blue)
  • black
  • titanium white
Optional colors
  • dark brown (burnt sienna, or another dark brown. You can mix your own brown if you prefer)
  • yellow ochre

Other supplies

  • palette knife or 1″ squeegee for painting with
  • several pages of gessoed paper or other inexpensive substrate for each day
  • regular painting supplies (palette, rags, etc).
  • sketchbook or notebook or journal for writing down your preference discoveries.


Supply list for watercolor painters

Paint colors

  • azo yellow light or similar (primary yellow, lemon yellow, or cad yellow light)
  • azo yellow medium or similar (cadmium yellow deep hue)
  • cadmium red or similar
  • rose madder or similar (primary magenta, quinacridone red or rose)
  • ultramarine blue or similar
  • turquoise or similar (cerulean blue, manganese blue)
  • black

Optional colors

  • burnt sienna or similar (you can mix your own brown if you prefer)
  • yellow ochre or similar

Other supplies

  • wide brush for painting with
  • journal for writing down your preference discoveries and for making color studies
  • AND / OR several pages of paper for many painted color studies each day. The studies will be approximately 5×7.” Many can go on each page if your paper or journal is big.
  • regular painting supplies (palette, water, etc).

Contact me with any questions.