Color Mixing 101

3 day workshop
Live on zoom and recorded.

This workshop is discounted for students in Find Your Artistic Voice.

day 1 – mixing with 3 primary colors: primary yellow, primary cyan, and primary magenta.


learn to make bright colors and muted colors.

make some color studies with palette knife on gessoed paper.

day 2 – mixing with 6 primary colors: colors from day 1 plus cad yellow deep, cad red, and ultramarine blue

learn to make bright colors and beautiful greys

make some color studies with palette knife on gessoed paper.

day 3 – bring it all together.

quick painting demo in the morning. In the afternoon paint on your own, and check in any time to share your work and get feedback – or ask color mixing questions.





All demonstrations will be in oil, acrylic, AND gouache!


Things people learned from the trial run (a 2-hour whirwind of all the mixing material):

What was the most helpful thing you learned?

Interesting information especially on Temperature

I think I got a review of material I know. But I also tried different colors than my usual that made great mixes.

If you can take the time to learn the colors to mix you will be rewarded with a deeper color.

Using new primary colors to offer a more beautiful palette

I am a complete beginner every thing I learned was new and fascinating

Using warm and cool primary colors to create either vibrant color or muted grays.

How you organize color to create clean color. Think of color as yellow magenta and cyan.

Use few colors

Primary color leaning was explained very well and is extremely useful information.

The definition of hue, what colors naturally are more violet or orange by nature. the prof od true primary colors. Turicary colors- how they work. Lots more.

It’s easy to grab hold of a system and end up having that be always the go to. As in, it worked before, and it will work again. But that mentality rules out finding out what is better and available out there. You initiated a big desire to go exploring, color wise. Thanks!!

The workshop clarified the ideas I already had but clarified a way to explain better to other people.

The way you think about a recipe for your colours after mixing the different colours.