Beautiful Brush Strokes & Adventurous Texture

In Person Workshop

Aug 12 – 14
10:00 AM — 3:00 PM with a lunch break
Pearson Lakes Art Center, Okaboji, IA.

Please call 712-332-7013 to register.

Workshop Description

Learn techniques for making beautiful and captivating brush marks and paint textures! Explore how to hold and move your brush to make loose, painterly marks. Jessie doesn’t follow the “put it down and leave it” rule! Instead, she’ll show you a process of building up to the mark you want. Practice focusing your eyes and attention in a way that lets you see (and paint!) edge variety. Jessie will demonstrate how to use a straightforward technique to see those edges and beautifully describe them. With the purchase of this course, students will receive a 9×12 canvas.