Composition mini-Workshop Resources

We had a 2 hour mini-Workshop focused on Composition. I condensed it down to the bite-sized 10 minutes of instruction below. When you watch, make sure to pause and make composition studies! You’ll get so much more out of it if you do! Join the next mini-Workshop live to get all that extra stuff that was edited out – time to make art together, be inspired by eachother, share work, questions, tips, and community.


At the live workshop artists shared apps they use to help see values, value shapes, and layouts. Thanks so much for sharing! Here are some links: 

See Value – for apple devices.
Posturizes values so you can see it in a limited number of values.
Recommended by Shona.…

Grid Painter – for apple devices. 
Will put a grid on your photo, and can crop and limit values and remove color.
Recommended by Mary.…

For android usesrs, I found an app called “Drawing Grid” in the app store.…

Value Study – for apple devices
Will outline the color shapes, and posterize the values. Recommended by Jill…

open photo, go to edit, remove color.
Recommended by Ann

android phone photo app
open your photo, click edit > adjust > saturation. Change the saturation to -100 to see the image in greyscale. 

Do you use a photo editing tool to help in your painting prep? You’re welcome to share that info with the group! Email me, or put it in the comments below. 

You are invited to comment below with a take-away, comment, or question.

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