Develop and enhance your painting skills in a supportive online workshop

Small-group live (zoom) painting workshops with individual and group mentorship.

On-demand workshops with email support.

“Your Zoom classes have been making an online painting class feel very much like a live classroom experience. I have enjoyed painting with you and I feel like I’m learning more all the time! Thank you!” 
 K. Clark

In Jessie’s workshops, you will learn from an experienced and encouraging instructor who will guide you through the painting process and techniques – and will encourage you to embrace your own style.

If you are a beginner, start with Oil Painting Basics! If you already have some – or a lot of – experience, all of Jessie’s other workshops are designed to meet your needs and help you grow as an artist, so I recommend starting with Jessie’s next available online painting workshop!

If you’re not sure where to start, contact Jessie.

The small-group setting of the live online workshops ensures personalized attention, so you can get feedback and insights tailored to your specific artistic journey. You will have the chance to connect with fellow artists, share ideas, and learn from each other in a collaborative environment.

Our supportive atmosphere fosters creativity and encourages experimentation. You will be encouraged to explore different painting ideas, experiment with new techniques, and push the boundaries of your artistic expression. With the guidance of our instructor and the support of your peers, you will be able to improve your paintings and unlock your true artistic potential.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to grow as an artist! Reserve your spot in our next small-group online painting workshop today and embark on a journey of artistic growth and self-discovery.

Each live online workshop is taught over zoom, and comes with

* painting demonstrations

* painting lessons

* painting demos

* paint with a great small community of artists

* to do all this in a live online workshop from the comfort of your studio or home

Contact Jessie with any questions.

Student feedback:

I took a drawing class from Jessie through an art group I belong to. She was professional, friendly, and alert to questions from the group. I most appreciated the explanation of value studies as that has been something I have struggled with …
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Student Feedback via eMail

“I am amazed at how organized you are, and admire your ability to break things down into baby steps that are easy understand—you are an awesome teacher!”

– Candy

“Really enjoying your class.  Thanks for doing it!”  

– Elaine

“I really love the classes. You’re a great teacher and you make it fun!”

– Hattie

“I can’t tell you how excited I am to find you and finally make a decision to paint again. I have been in my oil paint four days in a row.  Saturday was so fun. I loved painting with a limited palette. That was an eye opener. […]  I do believe with some guidance I can achieve what my mind envisions. Sincerely,”  

– Anne Marie

“I so enjoyed your class, Jessie!  Always nice to think of art in different ways or to be reminded of things we had forgotten.”

– Barbara

“Hi Jessie,
I really enjoyed your class, and the way you present things. 
Thanks for a thoughtful and engaging class, and a deep dive into color schemes!”

– Elizabeth Franklin


​​About the Instructor

My workshops are mostly long-form, giving artists the opportunity to really practice and learn the materials, as well as build a feeling of community. I loved art school, and want my workshops to have that feeling.

My workshops are generally on the topics of color, composition, brush and palette knife marks, and the mental/emotional aspects of art making.

​I am a professional artist based in South Dakota, an exhibiting member of Oil Painters of America​ and the National Oil and Acrylic Painters’ Society,​ an award-winning member of the American Impressionist Society​, and a Southwest Art Magazine “Artist to Watch”.​

My work focus​es​ on capturing the invisible connection between animals in a group, between animals and the land, and between people – in an unsentimental, painterly style filled with visible brush strokes and palette knife marks.​ The result is artwork which is often described as ​”impressionistic” and ​“painterly”.

You can see examples of Jessie Rasche’s Artwork here.

My work has been published in many magazines, including:


Q: What if I have questions or want feedback on my work? Will I get individual attention?

A: Yes, you’ll get lots of individual attention. You can ask questions during the weekly zooms, or email me.

Q: Is your workshop the right level for me?

A: Contact Jessie to talk about any workshop.

Q: Can I pay with a payment plan?

A: Yes! Contact me to pay for your workshop in 4 equal installments.

Q: Do I have to share my work?

A: No. You can share the amount that makes you comfortable.

Q: Can I enroll my kid in a workshop? 

A: These workshops are designed for adult artists. Teens with adult-level maturity would be welcome. For younger kids, sorry, this isn’t the right workshop.